Residential Roofing

The BEST Residential Roofers near the Kansas City and Springfield, MO Areas

At Armor Roofing, LLC, residential roofing has been one of the key pillars for our business for nearly four decades. Year after year, we continue to prove why we are the best roofing contractors in the greater Kansas City area by completing hundreds of residential roofing projects for our Kansas City area friends and neighbors.

Why you should call Armor Roofing

When you’re in need of roof repair, roof replacement, or installation of a new roof, it is extremely important to choose the right roofing contractor.

Of all the residential roofing companies that serve the greater Kansas City area, none delivers the same quality of service as we do. Our long history, level of experience, and unbeatable guarantee make Armor Roofing, LLC your go-to company for any residential roofing project.

We use only the highest quality materials. Our premier roofing professionals are continually trained, tested, and certified. Our inspections are performed by a HAAG Certified Inspector. At Armor Roofing, LLC, we combine quality materials and workmanship, the finest customer service, and an unbeatable guarantee to insure you the peace of mind that your project will be completed to your total satisfaction.


We provide provide professional, fast and affordable roofing installation and repair services using only the best materials such as GAF’s Lifetime Roof shingles.

Commercial Roofing

The TOP Commercial Roofing Contractors from Kansas City to Springfield, MO

Just like with your home, roofing problems at your place of business can be a nightmare. The last thing you want to worry about is dealing with your building’s roof. Additionally, because of the design and structure of commercial buildings, the cost to repair damage caused by broken or faulty roofing material can dwarf the cost for similar residential roofing repairs.

If you’re experiencing roofing issues at your place of business, call the professionals at Armor Roofing, LLC and stop worrying. Our trained experts are equipped to handle any and all commercial roofing issues. Just ask any of our satisfied commercial customers that we’ve helped during our nearly four decades of service in the greater Kansas City area.

Faulty Commercial Roofing Installation

Customers are sometimes surprised to learn that a significant percentage of commercial roofing issues are actually due to roofing components that were initially poorly installed by other roofing companies. Even issues that take years to appear can be due to installation issues. 

At Armor Roofing, LLC, we make sure you avoid those issues. We don’t cut corners. Ever. And we always make sure the job is done right the first time.

Common Commercial Roofing Issues

While the same roofing problems that you see in your home can also be seen in your office, commercial buildings also present their own unique set of problems. They include:

  • Faulty Flashing- Flashing is installed on your roof to deflect water away from pipes and chimneys. Over time, flashing can expand and crack, and that can allow water to seep through. It’s estimated that over 90% of commercial roofing leaks are due to faulty flashing.

  • Standing Water- Faulty flashing, clogged or blocked drains, or a poorly designed roof can all lead to the accumulation of standing water. Over time, puddles can deteriorate the roof causing leaks onto the roof deck below.

  • Wind Uplift- Cracks and openings in flashing and other commercial roofing materials allow air infiltration. As wind blows over the roof (and you know how the winter wind blows here in Kansas City), the pressure of the air being pushed into these openings increases, pushing it upward and can rip the roofing material completely off.

Our Unbeatable Guarantee

Armor Roofing, LLC offers the most unbeatable guarantee of any roofing contractor in the greater Kansas City area – maybe “anywhere.”

You have a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. You have a 100% guarantee on all materials and labor.

You have a 50-year guarantee that your roof will withstand up to 120-mile-per-hour winds with no blow-off and no leakage.

Yes, your guarantee is transferrable. If you sell your home, the new owner enjoys the same guarantee!

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